Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beware of some Black Friday deals

We still haven't decided what / if we are going Black Friday shopping. We'll probably hit Costco as we do every year (definitely need a new pair of slippers!). But I thought I might mention the importance of researching the deals before you go because, often, you can get those same deals or sometimes even better throughout the rest of the year. For example...

WalMart has an 8gig iPod touch going for $224. Get on Apple's site and you'll see that the regular price is $229 - you're only saving $5! If you belong to Costco, they will have instant rebates sometimes that brings iPods down as much as $40 depending on what you buy - plus they have a concierge service so when you need tech support you don't have to pay for it.

Hobby Lobby has Cricut cartridges at 50% off. They often go 50% or more. Joann and Michaels offer them throughout the year for $32.99 and if you get the more expensive ones ($89.99) that's way more than 50% off.

There are some really good deals out there - but please, let me encourage you to do your homework before going.

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