Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Friday, December 30, 2011

MIA?... Yeah, pretty much....

Here's a quick run down on what's been happening with our little family and then on to new posts about the recent Christmas celebrations and new projects!

In case you didn't notice the oh so small change in the "About Me" box - we are expecting another baby in April! This will be our 4th baby, the 2nd (Lord willing) to be placed in our arms and care. Needless to say, dealing with pregnancy woes and a toddler running around has moved blogging to the back burner. Baby bump pictures forthcoming!

The most life altering event (yes, even more than being pregnant) happened over the summer / fall. You may have noticed random posts about Jon's grandparents, I never really did say much about what was going on.

Grandpa on his last birthday here on earth.

Right after Carter was born, Grandpa went in for open heart surgery. After starting the operation, the Doctors found lung cancer and closed him up without performing the heart surgery. He did fine for a little over a year, but early this spring he started to decline along with some health problems for Grandma. It's a very long story about what happened, but it was one of the most difficult and most touching times in our lives. We spent a lot of time over there taking care of them, the whole family pitched in, it was amazing. Grandpa passed away at home in October and to the very end he never complained and only showed love and concern for his family. I've only seen one other testimony to the power and work of the Lord Jesus in someones life like that. Anyone who knew this man was privileged indeed.

Grandpa's last time outside - we made him breakfast.

48 hours after Grandpa died, the whole family got on planes to Wisconsin for Jon's brothers wedding. Anyone who has dealt with a family wedding (especially one that involves major travel) knows how stressful the months leading up to such an event can be. Because we were all dealing with Grandpa at the same time, it became quite an emotional few months. Then add in 2 pregnant women - one of them dealing with the fear of a third miscarriage (me and Jon's cousins wife) and you have a recipe for disaster! Amazingly, the entire family walked away relatively unscathed.

(Yes, tiny baby bump here!)

We were so blessed to be able to rent an entire house for the week where the whole family plus groomsmen stayed. It was (even with the stress of the wedding) a relief to have the week between Grandpa's death and the funeral together having a little bit of fun. Sadly, Grandma wasn't with us.
P.S. Carter did GREAT on the plane!

So that was our summer and fall in the smallest nutshell I can get it. I have several posts in the works, most of them about projects I've been working on and some about Christmas and some of them covering both topics! So I hope you all with stick with me as I get back into the blogging swing, there will be some really great stuff and lots of changes coming up!

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