Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Monday, July 25, 2011

WIFD - Day Two

Today's goal was to be cool and comfortable (something you'll be hearing a lot of this week). The skirt I got from Coldwater Creek 2 or 3 years ago on clearance - it's a really comfortable skirt and very cool. The only thing I don't like about it is I have to wear a slip under it when I am out and about. The tank tops are 2 Jockey brand tanks, layered for modesty. I have some other colors that go with this skirt better but they were in the wash. The sandals are the same ones as yesterday, just in a light brown color.

Today's list:
~ Take care of Carter (big duh here and an all day task as my 18 month old in particular is VERY active)
~ Hang load of diapers on clothes line
~ Trash day (long list of little things here)
~ Wash / dry Carter's clothes
~ Go to my aunts to have her help hem a dress and get her Stampin Up order
~ Take a nap so I can get over this cold
~ Phone calls
The rest of my to-do list didn't get done today so I'm not even going to post it ;-)

Other WIFD participants:
~ Quietude
~ Romantic History

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