Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Sunday, March 23, 2008

House Hunt

After four weeks of looking, we finally found a house in our price range that we liked and is in a good area. Added blessings are that the house has all the things I really wanted plus extras (and I didn't think I was asking too much until we started looking at houses and found that I really was asking for a lot in the four things I wanted. By the second or third time out I was content for a house that was in a safe neighborhood).

- Attached garage - bonus it's a 2 car.
- Front porch so I can hang a porch swing- bonus it already has a porch swing (although it looks as though it will have to be replaced)
- Fire place (that will need to be replaced too)
- Area for a garden - bonus really good sized yard for a large garden!

And then a list of all the other extras that this house has that I didn't dare dream of hoping for:

- Two story (I really don't like bi-levels, but a tri-level would be ok and bi-levels are the vast majority of house styles in our price range)
- Open floor plan to accommodate entertaining
- Large windows in the basement give a lot of natural light for working on the drapery business
- Backs to open space, a park and a trail
- Faces East so snow will melt better
- Huge deck in the back yard but it will need replacing
- In good enough condition that we (Jon) could move in without gutting the whole place

We put a bid on the house two weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet. All we know is we were the 9th and highest offer. Both of us are trying not to get too excited or attached to this house but Jon already has remodeling projects planned and I've already got ideas for decorating and window treatments.
I know the Lord's way is perfect in making us wait, but sometimes it is difficult to have the humbleness of heart to conform to His will.

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