Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Pursuing with a passion what HE has called me to do

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Busy Summer

As you can tell from the picture, it was busy this summer. It all started the first week of May when Jon found a condo for rent at an amazing price. We got him moved in by mid May and he settled down to study for his last firefighter test to be taken the end of May. Come the first week of June we decided on a wedding date - the 26th. That's right, THREE WEEKS AWAY! Somehow (I really still am not sure how at this point, so don't ask) we got everything together and the whole rehearsal, ceremony and reception came off pretty much without a hitch - invitations, chapel, cake, dresses, flowers, hair, make-up, and 6 bridesmaids too!!

The rest of the summer hasn't been much slower. We spent the first month or so trying to get me moved in, things set up, and health insurance changed - the worst nightmare of my entire life, which is still in progress. Then we really put the pressure on ... we found a house we liked. We put a contract on the house mid-August and then went to re-new our loan from the past spring and found out that we had to re-submit all our information and records. So between my health insurance and contract and loan all we've done for the past month is paper work (this will teach me to be better organized! ).

We still don't know if we'll get the house (I guess no one ever does for sure until closing), but at least our contract was accepted and it passed our inspection. The appraiser has to give his say and then we can proceed to mitigation. It's so comforting to know that God has the outcome in His control, because this process would send me to the insane asylum - every time we get a "yes" from someone we find out that there is someone else who has to give their opinion and we keep hearing that the next person is going to be even harder to please.

Thank you Lord that You are in control of each persons decision.

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